Before you submit a paper or poster abstract, please read the following. . .

* Papers and posters must be technical. Papers and posters that are commercial in nature will not be accepted.

* All work must be original and unpublished. No materials should be submitted that have been previously presented or published or are planned to be presented before the conference.

* All persons whose papers and posters are accepted for presentation must be paid registrants at the conference and be present at the conference. In the event a substitute will take the place of the original presenter, CPI must be notified at least four weeks prior to the meeting.

* Each paper and poster author is limited to the submission of two paper abstracts and two posters as the primary author.

* Any copyrighted material must be accompanied by a release authorizing duplication and display for educational purposes at meetings of CPI and for reprint by CPI in the conference proceedings. Any identifiable individuals in videos must have signed releases permitting the use of their image.

*All papers, presentations and poster abstracts are required to undergo CPI review including review by legal counsel.
Non-conforming materials may be returned to the author for resubmission.

Your submission will not be reviewed and will be rejected if it:
  • Does not conform to the guidelines above;
  • It is not in the appropriate format;
  • Does not comply with ACC's Antitrust Guidelines, Checklist, or other requirements;
  • Is commercial in nature and contains inappropriate marketing language;
  • Contains trademarked or copyrighted images or language that you do not have permission to use;
  • Is not submitted by the deadline; or
  • Is disparaging of other technologies or chemistries.

For posters only:

CPI will provide an 8' wide x 4' high board for your poster, with a table beneath it to distribute literature.

Poster presenters are responsible for the shipping and installation of their posters. All posters must be installed at the Gaylord Palms by 10:00 AM on Monday, October 5, 2015. Posters must remain on display until the close of the conference. Poster presenters are responsible for removing their posters at the close of the conference.

Upon acceptance of an abstract, you will receive complete instructions on your paper or poster.